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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Got Job? I Do!

People which I love,

Today is a wonderful day, because I got a job! Not just any job, like flippin' burgers, it is for a company called USA Medical International. The company takes older ultra-sound machines and refurbishes them and sells them to third world countrys, like Cambodia, for a discount price. It is a small company; it was started by a man in his small manufactured home on Rude Road and has grown into, litteraly, a multi-million dollar company. Their are currently 3 employees, the owner and his two helpers one being me.

I start off just cleaning them but I will eventually get to take them appart and work on the computer components and the software. After they are fixed they are then sold, and we pacage and send them in big crates to the buyers.

It was really a work of God to get this job! I was fealling overly troubled by the size of my bank account, so I went to the bank to check my ballance. I found that I would be ok getting through school and paying off my car insurance and phone bill and all the other bills, but something was preasuring me to find a job. I asked the bank teller (an old friend, Bryanne Wesner, now married with a new name) "Is their any job openings that you know of." She couldn't tell me of any but she dirrected me to the Job Center to find a job. They have no fees because they are Federal, and they get a lot of people calling asking for help.

I took her advice and I went down to their office, half expecting to get nothing for results. As I walked in the person asked me what I was all about. I told him that I was a student in college and a soldier in the Army National Guard so I had a lot of commitments but I still needed to have a job. He looked at me in suprise and said "I just got done talking with a guy that owns a company in the medical feild that is looking for a hard working college age person that preferably has military experience." I was shocked and thought, 'what a great opportunity.'
The man then gave him a call and then gave the phone to me. The owner wanted to have an interview with me ASAP! So I drove down to his little peice of property and got the tour and then he offered me the job. With out hesitation I accepted, and now I will start on Monday!

I have a starting wage of $10 an hour and will get periotical promotions.

Prey that I will be good at this job and I will like it enough to stick with it through college.

Frisbilly yours,


Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Ghost of Howard

Hey everybody!
Today is a very special day at Frisbee Etc. As most of you know, my url is gorstofhoward... Well it is just a play on words for the ghost of Howard. Today marks the first aniversary of when Howard died of respitory failure.
For those of you that do not know, Howard was my Dog (a Chihuahua) and my childhood friend since I was 7 years old. He was a little ankle-bitter that everybody loved for some reason. I have never been able to figure it out why every one was so taken by him.
Every visit to our house by... say the Tamms the Stickneys the Cookseys etc. always resulted in some conversation revolving around the dog. He always found some act that would draw the attention of the whole party.
Today I want to put Howard in the spotlite one last time in this tribute to my friend and dog Howard (pardon me if I begin to cry half way through).
He was our little play toy and he was our Remove formatting from selectionRemove formatting from selectioncomedy relief Howard, for 12 years, went everywhere with us; on vacation to the beach, in the mountains and anywhere we were. (he would never eat or sleep if we were away)
He was the funneist dog I ever did see. He had his favorite toy: Bear Bear (I didn't come up with the name). After going through many a toy (see picture) Howard finally stuck with this large white bear. This bear was nearly as big as he was and he always played a modified game of fetch that he never tired of the game.
Well through a fluke of thechnology, we seem to have duplicated some pictures on this post, so DEAL WITH IT!!! *ahem* this will now begin our picture montage of things family and friend with howard or, visa versa.

Heres to you, Howard!

Sorry that I didn't have any photos of Howard with a Frisbee! (I always knew that he was a worthless dog in the first place.)

Friday, July 15, 2005

What a Trip!

Wow I just got back from Yellowstone National Park with the Boy Scouts and it was a blast. Sun everyday and Gods beautiful creation all around me. 10 boys and 5 adult leaders went on the (Not a Picture frome the trip!)
trip, including one brand new adult leader Mr. Bond from the Bond family, he was a great asset to us. 15 people in total were along and all were riding in a 14 pasenger church van for the 16 hour ride! We stayed the first night in a Nazarine church in Mazula Montana. Then were off for another 12 hour drive to Yellowstone.
When we got to Yellowstone, we had to pay admission, and when the park ranger looked at us (you can imagine, 15 people in a van that says Poulsbo Church of the Nazarine on the side all whearing Boy Scout uniforms) they said I am sorry but you are driving a commersial vehicle and must pay per person.
"What? We are not commersial!" our leader said, "We are a non-profit organization in the vehicle of a non-profit organization! How can we be commersial?"
The ranger insisted that we must pay the $10 per person rate in stead of the $20 per vehicle rate to get in to the park. We had nothing else to do but pay, so we gave in and paid them their stupid money and visited the park for a week. I hope to post some pictures of our trip on my site as soon as I get them but till then you will just have to immagine the beauty of the park. Well personaly I thought that it was overly sunny and hot, but it was a great training experiense for the boys. We wanted all week to see bear and wolf but we never got the opportunity.
After the park we started on our way back home (which I was missing immensly). Our first stop was another Nazarine church that we took the opportunity to do a flag ceremony for their evening church service. Afterwards we bedded down for the night and too liberty of their establishment in many ways. To make a long story short we had one of the craziest and most fun nights yet! The boys got to see a taste of how funny my hands really could be.
The next mornning we whent to Silverwood theampark and had a grand old time all day going on many rides and waterslides (the latter for me mostly).
Going home the boys sleapt all the way for 12 hours in the van without stops! I was impressed. This was one of the greatest trips that we have gone on. Definatly memerable as all getout! I hoped that the boys learned to love camping and to appreciate things in nature but most of all that getting their is the fun part!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Hello all you happy people and welcome to my blog! I am a little new at this whole thing, and I have little knowledge of what these blogs are supposed to be (I have to admit I have only read one blog before.) Please send me your comments, and all that jazz.

First of all, a little about me. I am a devoted Christian and an Ultimate Frisbee nut (pun, for those who know me). I am a musician and an Infantry soldier in the Washington Army National Guard. I attend college currently at Olympic College in Bremerton and Poulsbo, WA. I hate intro's! Its like making a first impression on some really hot babes...

Any who?

I like verbing out nouns because they weird english.