Frisbee etc.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Well, the rummor has gone around that I have a girlfriend. I was sick on Christmas Day! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!? I just got over it today! I think it was food poisoning, I never threw up so much in my life!

Hey! Cold Stone Ice Cream is great isn't it? It is like cream that is ... iced.

Huh... arn't 50's movies so funny! They are all... musical and everything. You have about 30 seconds of plot and then a 10 minute song and dance about stars or food or... nouns.

Shoulders are so usefull, they rotate! You can't shrug without them.

Tatoos were first used in Samoa as a sign of manhood going back to antient times!

Incondecent or florecent? Why must I always ponder the hopeless paradox, one is cheaper but the other lasts longer! One is bigger but the other hotter. What to do!?

What is death, really, but another part of life. We all must die someday, so why waste it eating olives!!!

I like curtains, they don't require a lot of maintinence, you just hang them and POOF! Instant shade!

Girls are... ummmm... I don't know anything about girls...