Frisbee etc.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

How Many Girls Does it Take to Screw in a Light Bulb?

Don't answer that.

Having a girlfriend is the most interesting of experiences, I have learned more about Women and even Men from all of this.

I have finaly been able to answer the age old question: who has it easier, Men or Women. I found the answer to be a great and resounding... both! God in His infinant wisdom has made the human experience to be the same all the way around. "Nothing is new under the sun."

God has created Men and Women to be relational beings. We are designed to have a relationship with him and at the same time have relations with each other. We can love each other because it was Him who loved us first! It is the same perfect love that is given to us to give to others.

Love is like frisbee, you can't play by yourself! You need someone to catch and return back to you. To play successfully, you need to communicate and know each other. If you lack communication then you could throw it the opposite way they are going. If you lack knowledge of each other then you could over or under estimate their abilities and you might hurt each other.

So don't be a frisbee hog, and share the love! Be what God has created you to be. Be relational, be a communicator, be loving.

Remember that it is God who filled you up in the first place! Don't try to fill your self, you will only be emptied.

Love one another in the way God intended, Like a game of frisbee.

I love frisbee don't you!