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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Truth Behind My "Special Friend"

You all have probably heard the rummor by now. It's true, I'm getting married, and preaty soon too!

Don't fret, I am not going away to the military. I am going to stay right here, in Poulsbo, WA for the time being. When we are married we might move somewhere as far as Seattle but not much further.

My bride-to-be is Hillary Greening, I'm sure most of you have met her. This picture of her is not very good but it was the best I could find in my limited picture library of her.

But hey! You can all pray for us that we can get all of the things that we need for the success full begining of a mairrage.

Budgeting is a subject of greif to me so please pray for LOTS OF MONEY to come our way...or, at least enough to get us through. The Lord provides for His people so pray that we cling to Him at all times, in good and bad.

Hillary's new blog is

Your friend and brother in Christ,


P.S. I still LOVE frisbee!